Krav Maga Force™ Training For EMS

Krav Maga Force for EMS was a program developed by Will Matthews in 2016. When Will was training to becoming a EMT he realized that there was a gap in training regarding defensive tactics for Fire/EMS and Healthcare providers. Will developed this program using his own experience as a First Responder along with the assistance of other First Responders to create this program.

Why should EMS take this course?

  • 10,000 EMS Workers are assaulted each year while on the job
  • In the past 5 years 10 EMS fatalities were a result from violence

How this course will benefit you as EMS

  • Provide skills to defend yourself from any type of assault
  • Train in Scene Safety and Awareness
  • Combative Patient Control
  • Defense against Deadly Encounters with a Weapon
  • Stress Drills to provide realistic training scenarios
  • Krav Maga is Simple, realistic and easy to learn
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